Sector 2


Sector 2, also known to many as Shaits’ trade capital. Before going in to explanations it is important to note that even though Sector 2 basically encompasses all of Shaiths’ oceans, usually when somebody says ‘Sector 2’ they actually mean the Sector 2’s capital, a giant hive city in the middle of one of Shaiths’ oceans.

Reffered by many as “—Merchants Heaven” or “The Golden Cradle of Trade” Sector 2s’ hive city (“Aureumotem”) is truly the perfect place for a good merchant/trader, mainly because here, money talks, it doesn’t matter if you are the highest of noble or the lowest of scum, as long as you have the thrones to throw around here, you can be king.

The hive itself is divided in to areas by wealth, the higher up you are in the hive, the more luxurious and expensive everything is, while going down you become submerged not only below the water, but a sea of filth and grime. In the centre there is a large area dedicated to trade, where you can get almost anything you want. Just above this area there is a large plateau of halls, conference rooms, bars and such, places where the more lucrative deals are made. On the outside, at sea level, the hive is surounded by 2 large shiping docks and a bit above that a large space port, partialy connecting to the upper levels of the hive.

Sector 2

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