Tag: PC


  • Ferrus Wrex

    Quick Background: Lived most of his life(52 years) in orbital station Borealis 4.55. Only had limited tutoring by an old enginseer, who died when Ferrus was 20 years old. Got contracted by Inquisition a year ago. Spent last year getting basic training in …

  • Metus Mencuri (Dead)

    My name is Metus Mencuri and I'm from Valon Urr. As far as I remember, I already was in an orphanage. Caretakers there told Overgloryfied stories of my parents and how they died for the service of the emperor. At the age of 5, I was transferred to Schola …

  • Jakhim

    A friendly merchant that got in a group of a single Acolyte. My wares are excellent. I sell papers that have a monetary bonus.

  • Diana

    Diana lived in a poorer region of the planet. Where few good augmentations where to be found, so she had little to non augmentations as a child. Diana struggled to become a full pledged Tech-Priest clinging to any opportunities. One Magus noticed her, for …