Factor of the Lathes


Diana is a tall 1.75 female. She has brown hair and always carries a las gun.

She isn’t an average Tech-Priest, she has no augmentations and from the first look looks like a normal human. Diana has shifting electoos embedded in her skin, which she can turn off to hide her Tech-Priest affiliations.

Diana chose to look imperfect from the outside, while her insides are machines, she is covered in synthetic skin resembling that of a normal human.

During her young age she was tough the ways of the imperium, most notable was her skills in diplomacy and deception. Her fellowship are much higher than her fellow Tech-Priests that’s why she was assigned to the Inquisition rather than stay in the forge world.


Diana lived in a poorer region of the planet. Where few good augmentations where to be found, so she had little to non augmentations as a child. Diana struggled to become a full pledged Tech-Priest clinging to any opportunities. One Magus noticed her, for her Fellowship skills,which was uncommon for the Tech-Priests.

Soon she was allowed to join Factor of the Lathes, where she got her synthetic skin and her insides where changed, to better suite her needs.

After that, she was trained years to suite her position as a “Diplomat” of the Mechanicus cult and proper knowledge was uploaded to her mind.

She was given a mission before sending her off. She is suppose to search for archetech and spy on Inquisition from the inside, report any missus of the technology. Also to search for Malygris followers that might have came to this sector and eradicate them all.

As a member of Inquisition she does her job well. Not many know that she is a tech-priest, that’s because she is in undercover agent of the Mechanicus cult and most tech-priest just write her off as a flesh lover.

Having the information about the here-tech makes Diana somewhat radical minded. And she would use anything to stay alive.


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