The second planet from the sub-sectors star. Located in a preferable sweet spot for life, Shaith in its earlier days of development had a species variety to rival that of early Terra. It is the most densely populated planet and the seat of government in sub-sector Alvija.


Shaiths surface is around 78% ocean (including ice caps) while the solid part is divided in to 3 distinct land masses:


Shaith has a molten core surrounded by a shell of heavy metals, above that there is a layer that is filled with highly heated high ion gasses (aka. plasma), above which forms layers of different density rock formations.
The outer shell is held up and connected to the core by crystal like formations, that ware created by the extreme heat of the plasma and pressure produced by the heavy metal core.


Shaith has an approximate population of 12 * 10^9 , which most of live agri-regions. Only about 20% live in the 3 large cities (Sector 1,Sector 5,Sector 10).
Besides humans there is a wide array of plant and tree species on Shaith, though these are ever declining as they are removed in favor of planting larger fields of Duscle Bud Stalks or Snow Rye. Most species of animals have been removed/hunted out in favor of livestock Lagua Chickens, Grox and other cattle.


Shaith was found and started colonization back in 9256065.M31 the planets founding and the following age on the planet was known as “The Age of The Wild” mainly because this before untapped planet offered a lot of wild and naturally produced resources without much human intervention. This age lasted until 9513459.M34 when the population of the planet started to overgrow its ability to naturally produce resources, so the inhabitants had to start reforming the planets eco-system to be more bountiful – known as “The Age of Reforming”, lasting until the 36’st Millennium. After that came “The Age of Silence” where, due to still unknown reasons all communications from outside the sector ceased. Not much is known of the planet and the sector in this period(except for a few locally recorded dates) from 36’st Millennium to 9050513.M41. It is, however, known that the planet, having access to a varied array of resources and quite high technological level, held up pretty well during this time period, but in 9278389.M41, following almost a century of unrest, civil war broke out between the ruling nobility and certain “Free clans”. This dispute lasted until in 6536750.M41 when the “Free clans” overtook the final noble house armies still remaining, this was allowed due to “The Great Abandonment” when ~60% worlds population using reestablished connections to the Imperium fled the world, trying to get away from a plague started in 7458748.M41.
After the new nobility of the planet was established on the almost desolate planet quick actions ware taken to stop the plague, not much change was had. Even though it seemed like the nobility of the planet ware immune to it, with every day less and less alive (let alone healthy) individuals remained. In 6999799.M41 a cure was found and almost 25% of the planets inhabitants ware saved. The ending of the plague was fallowed with a quick decolonization. In around 50 years the planets population grew to almost 60% of what it was before the start of the plague and “The Great Abandonment”. At this time it was found that a great deal of ancient technologies still remained on Shaith, attracting great interest from the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Imperium in general.

The Sectors

After organized government was estabelished on Shaith the planets teritorries ware divided in to sectors to allocate resource manadgment and rule for each. The sectors:

*Sector 1;
*Sector 2;
*Sector 3;
*Sector 4;
*Sector 5;
*Sector 6;
*Sector 7;
*Sector 8;
*Sector 9;
*Sector 10;
*Sector 11;
*Sector 12;
*Sector 13.


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