Beyond Mortal Men

So Far on Beyond Mortal Men

In The Manufactorum

After arrival at the manufactorum, the acolytes ware granted housing and some time to rest. The next day they went through a short walk around the grounds. Ferrus decided to conduct the investigation requested of him by the Sector 1 tech-spire and found what he decided was not a heretek, but an old bitter man denied of his rightful place. Damn politics… While the other guys got in to a small game of poke-er, luckily for their sake Victus seemed to be just a natural at it, leaving with not only his health intact, but also a sum of thrones in his pockets.
Sadly this seemed to not bode well with the local authorities… And the acolytes departure was somewhat sped up.

99 Locust On The Wall, 99 Locust…

Traveling back, in the dead of night, the acolytes ware met with a storm and an destroyed bridge… While heading over a different way a flat tire halted their progression and an incessant buzzing caught their attention. Soon the acolytes ware besieged by one of the bugs one would not want to see in their lives. Luckily for them they survived (barely), however their driver and vehicle ware not so lucky.

A Small Town

Seeking refuge from the storm raging outside, the acolytes trekked through the forest, heading north. They found a small town with a few welcoming villagers, who gladly shared what little they had. Next morning Victus trekked back only to find that the remains of their truck and cargo ware missing. Tire tracks leading towards the capital. Puzzling. Meanwhile, Ferrus was still unconscious from the night before and Jakhim had a chat with the elder that let them stay the night: a vehicle – not a problem, yet fuel is something they were lacking. When Victus returned they decided to head in to the abandoned processing building so search for some remaining supplies. The result:

  • A group of thugs handled;
  • Fuel got;
  • A mysterious pup joins the squad;
  • And Ferrus having his head split open with a rock;
    All in all – pretty successful. The gang head back in to town with their new “Conundrum mini-van”

Meanwhile, In The City…

As the acolytes returned to town they found that while they were gone, something had happened – the bazaar emptied, the arbitrators at an unease – something yet unknown to the acolytes, though first things first, the hospital. While Ferrus and Victus ware in the hospital Jakhim decided to investigate heading in to the favela, what he found there was not a lot of fun. In short, Victus had to call in a favour to get Jakhim out of a small dank cell.

Bed Rest

After 2 weeks in bed and bombings in the distance, the acolytes finaly got their stuff together. Finally another mission, but first Victus had the pleasure to answer a long delayed call for assistance. He met Madam Ruby at her sanctuary unable to resist her charms Victus agreed to help her to deal with these supposed attacks on her sisters.

After his meeting, Victus headed to meet the other acolytes at the docs, where their next mission awaited.

On Our Jolly Good Way

Vampire. Vampire! Vampire?

Ferrus decided that he needed to restock on supplies, while restocking he acquired 2 data slates, which seemed to interact differently with other technology. Broken screens switching, power disappearing, strange encrypted texts appearing and sometimes just nothing. Truly peculiar.

How To Become Rich by Jakhim

Jakhim the man selling papers which promise thrones, for each other person who wants one. Good business, when you know that everybody wants to be rich.

A Search For Justice

Victus heard some rumours about a certain Syndicate working in Sector 1. Going through his contacts he set something in motion. Something that, he will soon find out, will have a dire outcome to the fate of the planet itself.

Sit Down And Relax

Finally time has come to set out on their first mission, the got a short briefing from Vladimir, sat down in to the giant truck, next to their driver and set out on their way. A not so short trip awaits.

Sitdown And Relax

Finaly time has come to set out on their first mission, the got a short briefing from Vladimir, sat down in to the giant truck, next to their driver and set out on their way. A not so short trip awaits.

On Arrival

Omen Of Angels

Ferrus arrived on Shaith, greeted by an eccentric noble, and a bodyguard for him. Victus joined the party. The air on Shaith was somewhat tense or at least as Vladimir described (mostly due to the “visiting” “guests”), but he hurriedly assured Ferrus, that there was nothing drastically going on and that the acolytes duties will mostly consist of being a show for the local public or bodyguards for a noble or two.

Golden Showers

As the party arrived at their new abode, they were given funds for spending, those funds ware, however, designated for four people… Safe to say, an inflow of funds was well taken with the party, so well in fact, that within minutes more people ware at the door Jakhim appeared, offering to help the party in their work, Ferrus accepted the help.

A Ritch Trader Is A Happy Trader

A few days in the bazar ended up profitable to both the party (mostly Jakhim) and the local trader Smirnow.

A Song Of Blood & Explossions

In To The Maw Of The Metal Beast…

In memory of Varn. We knew little of Varn. He was a feral worlder, a psyker, he did not understand technology and had a strange liking to bending doors – true, yet how much does this actually tell us? Well the acolytes shall never find out what really defined what he was for he, clinging to the memory of his lost love (aka. Ms. Axe), jumped in to the mouth of a metal beast, for honor, for vengeance and simply because his understanding of how a recycling process works was lacking.

Out In A Bath Of Blood And Gore

In memory of Metus. A man with a cursed path, whose untimely death stripped him of the chance to redeem himself. Bang, bang, bang… Explosions went of in the acolytes rooms, 2 grenades in to each room, that was more than enough to kill most men, but not Metus. Wounded he crawled out of the wreckage of the room and put up a fight. Died fighting when a bullet reduced most of his cranium in to mist and giblets, a bloody ending, for a dark man.

The Iron Man Of Tech

In memory of Ferrus, who did not die.

Oh Sweet Chariot, Come To Carrie Me Home

After the whole incident the main suspect was nowhere to be found. As the ship breached the planets atmosphere an escape pod was launched… Heading for Sector 12.

The Captain Man Of Captaining

The captain went missing, no signs of strugle, no blood, no nothing, just simply gone.

Long Day

A Nice Night For A Brawl

Waking up in the middle of the night to a sharp pain is never fun, but waking up and seeing somebody aiming a gun, that shoots said sharp thing, pointed at you is even less fun. Ferrus had been sleeping soundly when such an event happened. Next thing you know Ferrus and Varn are duking it out in the middle of the cafeteria. One time that being totally bad at something could have saved their lives…

Friendly Neighbors

A scribble, a scrabble, a scratch, a twitch – sounds from the walls, and sensors going off, something was definitely in the vents and still is, but now it does not have a place to return to. The acolytes found evidence of somebody living in a small niche within the walls of the cargo bay. Full of shit and questionable items, its inhabitant ran as he heard trouble brewing. At least now the acolytes know where he WAS.

… and Jake

Not a very good idea to stand in front of a armed person, especially if that person happens to be trained in the art of killing. Jake, sadly, had to learn this lesson the hard way. Lucky him, that he was found before he bled out and was taken to the infirmary.

Another Day, Another Dead Guy.

So many guns.

It’s hard to say what was louder, the sound of a shooting gun, or the yell of the passenger when a furiously looking feral worlder was knocking down his door, either way he had not much time to react before his legs ware burnt to a crisp, his ribs broken and he was laying unconscious as the for mentioned feral worlder was carrying him to the medical bay.

(Not So) Sterile.

Apparently lately our friend Varn has taken a liking to bashing down doors, ware it something that kept his room closed at night or a room which was supposed to stay sterile, while an operation was being performed. Probably another body bag is under way as the suspect still lays with a high fever and not much response to the outside world.


The other 2 acolytes ware away on their own things, Metus having a leisurely stroll in the captains quarters while he was asleep and Ferrus trying to solve the mystery of the malfunctioning servitor – perplexing mystery indeed.

Not Over Yet...


Oh what it must feel like to loose and old friend… The dead body of Sonia seemed to upset the nurse greatly, as to be expected when the dead body of an old friend, a sister in arms is placed in front of you. Perhaps, somebody had a worse day than the acolytes.

A Bug In The System

Seems, that the acolytes just can’t get a good night sleep, as one passed by without incident, the other they wake up being prepped to be ejected in to the deep dark void. Apparently a little bug running in the shafts decided to nibble through the wires. Only a charred husk remains of said bug and, a spare part in his room along with some old scraps of a letter. “…doing a kindness to your home… a handsome reward awaits… free life…”

The Loot Chest

Oh what fun – going through somebody else’s possessions, what secrets lie await? What can be learned? Well the acolytes found out that:

  • Sona was liked by (mostly) everyone;
  • That she had served in the Imperial Guard;
  • That she was more skilled with a wrench than most tech-priests with in 20 prs.
    Watchful eyes however ware watching.

A Leisurely Stroll

Let us not forget that our friendly neighborhood feral, decided to go on a nice walk around the ship, interrogating passengers and wearing a certain peace of head gear. What a jolly bringer of gifts – sowing the seeds of discontent and distrust amongst the passengers.

Note Worthy

  • The witness has been interrogated – she knew nothing;
  • There was a bend in the shower room ventilation grate;
  • Ferrus has still got the empty canister with blue-ish residue.

The Suspects

The acolytes continued their investigation following the trail of the missing gun and the list of people who where recent additions to the crew:

  • Jake & Timothy – 2 new privates in the barracks, best friends, also access to guns and no suspicion cast on them. While Timothy was to cumbersome to fit in the vents, Jake seemed to be just the right size to fit in there.
  • David – captains assistant, the guy with the authorization and ability to walk almost everywhere with out much question, who just happened to have some illegal goods and a bullet hidden away in his room – prime suspect.
  • Dave – one look at this old man and it was clear, he had as much thoughts about murder as one of his cleaned pipes would have filth, that said – not much.
  • Howard – a paramedic, seems to like his cards or at least the wining it gets him. Hi did not take to kindly to Ferrus wining, yet the other acolytes did not take kindly to the whole room knowing they ware from the Inquisition.

Cabin Fewer

As the acolytes ware to get their prime suspect he disappeared. There was not much to do, when the crew had been locked in their rooms for days, not much choice, but to let them out.

A Fistful of Accidents

The calm after the crew were allowed to continue with their duties did not last long. Apparently the prime suspect had a heavy soul, too heavy in fact. A rope solved this problem, and a confession letter helped ease the pain. It’s good when a problem solves its self, nothing to do just relax now… Oh, wait! Another dead body – an accident, a slip in the shower. What an unfortunate day

The New Men

A rag tag bunch

The fresh recruits of the Inquisition met their new master and each other for the first time:
Varn – a muscular feralworlder psyker able to tell the stories of his worlds howling winds, yet not able to distinguish the working end of a dataslate;
Ferrus – a tech-priest with wisdom of more decades then the other members combined and a few rusted circuits;
Metus – a somewhat skilled assassin with questionable motives;
and Tom – a simple guardsman hopping a promotion and fearing an execution;
A questionable collection of individuals with a questionable future.

Details on arrival

The acolytes ware informed, that they will receive more details of their awaiting missions once they are on plane. All they know for now is that they will be serving some nobles.

A bumpy ride

Not a day in to their week long commute, one of them is already dead, fell to the bullet of a mysterious assassin. What was he after? What are his motives? Who is he and where does he hide aboard this isolated ship? Questions still not answered.

On the look out

After a good polish of the air ducts and a few cup of tea, the acolytes have found some interesting things aboard this ship, some innocent, some not so much, yet death still lurks around an unknown corner.


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