Victus von Trumpberg

A noble eye.


Notable moments: complaint department, poke-er night, blood locust attack, killed scooby-doo gang and recruited scooby, organised saving party to save jakhim.
Visits by emperor: 1
will work for food: yes
will work for cigs: yes
will work for amasec: yes


Come around, gather all and hear about legacy of Trumpberg. Few remember that family, even less know of its fate.
Its glory was built in but one life-time, by an ancient lord-general, whos name was lost long ago, due to perils of time. The descendants were granted noble title, which they used to live a lush life, but, with last generation, that title was
shamelessly disgraced by parents of Victus: Omelia and Dorn.
Their hedonist activities knew no bound. It was a matter of time, untill they succumbed to murder and diversionism for the sake of thrill. They were brought to justice and their children were left to take the blow. The judges let the teens go, but with one condition, as to how they will live. “Only one will inherit the title and wealth of Trumpbergs” those words redefined the sibling relationship of Victus, Blue and Decimus. They went different ways: Blue joined the guard and became general, while Decimus became an advisor to one of council members of Shaith. Victus went other direction, he chose to dissapear entirely into the grey faceless masses of common people and become an arbitrator.
Victus believed, that his family name is stained and no title or wealth will ever change that. He vowed to cleanse filth of his name, by cleansing filth of the streets. All that is left from his times as noble is education and a broken data-slate, which once contained numerous study books and evidence, encriminating his parents.
Training as an arbitrator, Victus wasnt much of a brute-force, that hall of justice demanded, but he did show a curious mind and a strong public presence. Whenever he went, he made friends: be it an arbitrator ex-partner, criminal he let off the hook, since it wasnt right to detain him or mere nobles or goverment representatives, that either remember his name or are simply impressed by his noble-like manners. Victus was let to operate on his own, as an independant detective.
He was left his uniform and badge, but they meant little in this runty part of town.
The Loss of his family still claws its way out of Victus deep corners of his mind and only amasec and smoke keeps the at bay. The best cure so far, for him, is to get completly emerged into case he is solving, as it keeps his mind off the past.

Victus von Trumpberg

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