Varn of Dusk (Dead)

Feral monk with double identity


Huge and bulky guy, about 40 years old, bald with heavy facial hair,

Likes to dress in baggy robe-like clothes, in order to get a freedom of movement. On his sash he carries a skull mask, a symbol and a curse of his tribe.

Born to a farmer family of tribe Frosthall, Varn was a simple child on planet of Dusk. His psychic awakening happened at age of 6 and in blind, warp-induced, rage he murdered his parents, this is when his “alter-ego” was born, both a curse and a blessing, that is common to his tribe. Thinking that his parents were taken by the denizens of endless swamps, that cover the planet, the locals gave the orphan to the monastery. At age of 12 he was taken away by the black ships, as his psychic gift started to manifest completely.


Varn of Dusk (Dead)

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