Metus Mencuri (Dead)



Male, fit, about 1,7m and weigh 65Kg. Fair skin and black hair,eyes. 22 years old


My name is Metus Mencuri and I’m from Valon Urr. As far as I remember, I already was in an orphanage. Caretakers there told Overgloryfied stories of my parents and how they died for the service of the emperor. At the age of 5, I was transferred to Schola Progena to be educated as an adept for the service of the emperor. But the cruel mistress, fate, thought othervise. A few days later, late at night, I was druged and taken out of Shola Progena by a few Corrupt Proffesors who called themselves the Golgenna agents. I was taken to Blighted Schola. I heard that my documents were altered and my death was staged. I was dead to everybody else except for them. Through hardships of experiments, surgeries, teachings and military training, I became a walking weapon tasked to serve my masters. There, I got my powers of the warp. After a few years of service as an assassin, the Blighted Schola was found, it’s masters executed and it’s pupils hunted down. I was lucky enough to escape the Puritan Inquisitors. With time, I escaped the planet and changed my name to Metus. As far as I knew, I was Invisible to the Puritans. But after a few years, I was caught by native enforcers by trying to steal from a few noble houses. With some kind of twisted luck, I was found by an Inquisitor and was taken with him. He knew about my past and he suggested a deal. To help him and be part of a few acolytes for secresy of my identity and the chance to get a blank history if sucessufull.

Metus Mencuri (Dead)

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