Magna Hertz

Head of planetery Adeptus Mechanicus workings


Hair of Snow

Magna is about 170cm in height with a slim figure. Her hair is pure white and up to her cheeks on the left side of her head, and midway down her back on the right.
Her right eye has brown iris, while the other eye is covered with a cyber implant that covers it and glows of faint red.
She usually wears body armor, resembling saroritas power armor, though it has been tailored for her specially, resembling a tight night dress with a cut running from the top of her right thigh, showing off her finely crafted robotic leg, that mimics a natural leg almost perfectly, with just a faint tint of bluish white in its color.
She also has a robotic left arm, that is made from a very similar material like her leg.

Attitude of a Temptress

Even if at first glance Magna might resemble one of the sororitas, the way she acts is way different. She has a air of calculated flirtatiousness in every sentence she says and any normal person talking to her feels a slight unease, not knowing if she wants to drag them to bed for fun or to the surgery room for parts.


Childhood Scraps.

Magna was born on a agri world to a woman named Sashala, who was the book keeper for a local nobleman and a mechanic named Agric. They both served for the same noble man and both earned decent wages on the mid-tech plane.
When Magna was about 8 year old her mother died of a necrotic disease that had been plaguing the planet for years.
After her mother’s death, hear father decided that he should leave the planet and with his master permission, both of them travelled to the forge world of mars. One with the hope that new found wonders should cure the bitterness of a lost loved one and the other just hopping that clinging to her parent, with time, will wash away the sight of her mother’s rotting flesh.

A Past Well Forgotten.

It was many years later that Magna found herself born anew. As she went through the final initiations of priesthood she had her mind cleansed. She does not know if it was her choice or her superiors, but she did not care. All she knew was, that “Flesh is weak”.
Her father was dead by this time, how he went, was washed away by the mind cleansing.

The Questions

After continued studies in the adeptus mechanicum, she quickly rose through the ranks. It seemed that she was almost the perfect example of a tech-priest, but at this time something became apparent to her: there was something more. A deep longing was calling from inside of her a family, a lover, a daughter. These feelings drove her almost mad – “Perhaps it’s only a faulty logistic implant?”; “Maybe, this is just a side effect of the mind cleansing procedure?”; “Or did I have a family before?”. Questions arose in her mind, only to be forcefully silenced by her. But no mater how hard she tried, the emotions would come again, raising the same questions and leading to the only conclusion that seemed logical to her she needed a family again, by any means necessary.

Magna Hertz

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