"Junker" Johnny Duxen

Ex-Military homeles man


A Big, Not-so-happy Family.

Johnny was born in a big family in the favela, he was the second child in the family after his older sister and his two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. His father was a ex-militia discharged after showing up drunk for morning briefing (lucky for him) and he was living off his days as an amesac enthusiast – he died when Johnny was 14. Johnny‚Äôs mother was a woman who they would call “La Madre Favelas” or “Mother of the Slums” everybody knew her back then a friendly face, that was said to have stood alone against a gang and scared them off by her sheer indomitable will, alas this will did not help her when she was infected with a disease that was raging at the time, Johnny was 16 at the time.

“I do, what I must.”

After his mother died Johnny as the house head understood that he needed to make a living for himself and support his family. He had seen enough of the gangs and filth of the favela where he grew up, he wanted no part in it, but to support himself and 3 other people, was not a task he could perform legally or safely at least with no really applicable skills as he had, so he chose to join the army, not the safest of professions, but it paid well.

No more point

Johnny served honorably for a couple of years, when his younger brother also joined the army, much to the dislike of Johnny, but his brother was a grown man now, he could not tell him otherwise. Johnny lead a pretty successful career in the military for another 6 years, until one fateful mission the world went to shit, on the same day he lost his brother and gained 4 bullets in his body, while he did not die it rendered his right arm almost useless and his left leg not far behind. He was discharged – no point in a soldier who can’t shoot a gun.

Not much left

Immediately following his discharge Johnny got an offer from a private contractor for a job that required military expertise, but not much actual physical work. Johnny would have declined, but he still had to send thrones to his family, so he grudgingly accepted. He worked there until the news of his youngest sister passing away reached him. He came home only to find out that she had died 3 years ago and their family house was now nothing more than a trash dump. What he did after that is unknown.

"Junker" Johnny Duxen

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