Flavio Cain

The Inquisitor


~190 cm tall, short balck hair, 27 years of age. An puzzling man, hard to read, is able to laugh in the face of fear and sorrow, and fake anger or discontent to a high degree. Mostly well manerred. Powerfull psyker.


Around a rock…

For many the discovery of psychic powers is a dreadful experience, that comes with the understanding that thing shall never be the same again, not for Flavio. He spent his youth on a mining station orbiting a lifeless planet with his and five other families – it was a dull life. The days went by as he and his best friend would traverse the stations air ducts chasing rats, because, that what they had to pass for fun, while their parents ware hard at work tending to the machines. Until one faithful day, when after a rat bite he understood, that he could order the rat around with a mere thought… With joy Flavio left his families home aboard the orbiting mining station, with only a small tremble in his hearth as he was brought to the black ships.

Days of black.

Not much is known of how went the days on the black ships, only that after that he was instantly sent to the inquisition for training as an acolyte.

We all turn the machine

Almost too soon…

Flavio Cain

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