Ferrus Wrex


Appearance: 53 years old. Tall, but skinny person. Black eyes and his whole face is covered with thin ceramite mask (yet it is too fragile to give any protection). His lower jaw is changed with a respirator unit, and his head is now a mass of cables for electro-graft hidden back in the skull. Ferrus’s Cyber-Mantle doesn’t create any hunch, only made his body look a bit wider in all directions, and the coil attached is rather small. Yet no one sees that as he’s constantly wearing his red Adeptus Mechanicus outfit. Both hands have 5 electoos carved in them, both resembling the station he was in.

Personality: Cold, recounting three times before deciding something as he distrusts everything. Yet he stays loyal and even zealous both to Inquisition and Adeptus Mechanicus. He won’t take an unnecessary risk unless it’s a “life or death” situation or he was ordered to by his higher-ups. In group training, he used to follow others, believing that he’s better at serving than leading, though once he had led a group of other acolytes in a training session which was supposed to show how to combat cultists with light weaponry. Had spent only 6 hours on a planet, while the vessel of the Inquisitorial acolyte was refueling, but during those hours he barely felt off, mostly due to the fact that he never left the space port.
[If need arises (rolls, fluff, GM, random), this will be expanded]


Quick Background: Lived most of his life(52 years) in orbital station Borealis 4.55. Only had limited tutoring by an old enginseer, who died when Ferrus was 20 years old. Got contracted by Inquisition a year ago. Spent last year getting basic training in weaponry and tech-use. More can be found at: [ACCESS DENIED]

Ferrus Wrex

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