Beyond Mortal Men

The New Men

A rag tag bunch

The fresh recruits of the Inquisition met their new master and each other for the first time:
Varn – a muscular feralworlder psyker able to tell the stories of his worlds howling winds, yet not able to distinguish the working end of a dataslate;
Ferrus – a tech-priest with wisdom of more decades then the other members combined and a few rusted circuits;
Metus – a somewhat skilled assassin with questionable motives;
and Tom – a simple guardsman hopping a promotion and fearing an execution;
A questionable collection of individuals with a questionable future.

Details on arrival

The acolytes ware informed, that they will receive more details of their awaiting missions once they are on plane. All they know for now is that they will be serving some nobles.

A bumpy ride

Not a day in to their week long commute, one of them is already dead, fell to the bullet of a mysterious assassin. What was he after? What are his motives? Who is he and where does he hide aboard this isolated ship? Questions still not answered.

On the look out

After a good polish of the air ducts and a few cup of tea, the acolytes have found some interesting things aboard this ship, some innocent, some not so much, yet death still lurks around an unknown corner.



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