Beyond Mortal Men

So Far on Beyond Mortal Men


In The Manufactorum

After arrival at the manufactorum, the acolytes ware granted housing and some time to rest. The next day they went through a short walk around the grounds. Ferrus decided to conduct the investigation requested of him by the Sector 1 tech-spire and found what he decided was not a heretek, but an old bitter man denied of his rightful place. Damn politics… While the other guys got in to a small game of poke-er, luckily for their sake Victus seemed to be just a natural at it, leaving with not only his health intact, but also a sum of thrones in his pockets.
Sadly this seemed to not bode well with the local authorities… And the acolytes departure was somewhat sped up.

99 Locust On The Wall, 99 Locust…

Traveling back, in the dead of night, the acolytes ware met with a storm and an destroyed bridge… While heading over a different way a flat tire halted their progression and an incessant buzzing caught their attention. Soon the acolytes ware besieged by one of the bugs one would not want to see in their lives. Luckily for them they survived (barely), however their driver and vehicle ware not so lucky.

A Small Town

Seeking refuge from the storm raging outside, the acolytes trekked through the forest, heading north. They found a small town with a few welcoming villagers, who gladly shared what little they had. Next morning Victus trekked back only to find that the remains of their truck and cargo ware missing. Tire tracks leading towards the capital. Puzzling. Meanwhile, Ferrus was still unconscious from the night before and Jakhim had a chat with the elder that let them stay the night: a vehicle – not a problem, yet fuel is something they were lacking. When Victus returned they decided to head in to the abandoned processing building so search for some remaining supplies. The result:

  • A group of thugs handled;
  • Fuel got;
  • A mysterious pup joins the squad;
  • And Ferrus having his head split open with a rock;
    All in all – pretty successful. The gang head back in to town with their new “Conundrum mini-van”

Meanwhile, In The City…

As the acolytes returned to town they found that while they were gone, something had happened – the bazaar emptied, the arbitrators at an unease – something yet unknown to the acolytes, though first things first, the hospital. While Ferrus and Victus ware in the hospital Jakhim decided to investigate heading in to the favela, what he found there was not a lot of fun. In short, Victus had to call in a favour to get Jakhim out of a small dank cell.

Bed Rest

After 2 weeks in bed and bombings in the distance, the acolytes finaly got their stuff together. Finally another mission, but first Victus had the pleasure to answer a long delayed call for assistance. He met Madam Ruby at her sanctuary unable to resist her charms Victus agreed to help her to deal with these supposed attacks on her sisters.

After his meeting, Victus headed to meet the other acolytes at the docs, where their next mission awaited.



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