Beyond Mortal Men

On Arrival

Omen Of Angels

Ferrus arrived on Shaith, greeted by an eccentric noble, and a bodyguard for him. Victus joined the party. The air on Shaith was somewhat tense or at least as Vladimir described (mostly due to the “visiting” “guests”), but he hurriedly assured Ferrus, that there was nothing drastically going on and that the acolytes duties will mostly consist of being a show for the local public or bodyguards for a noble or two.

Golden Showers

As the party arrived at their new abode, they were given funds for spending, those funds ware, however, designated for four people… Safe to say, an inflow of funds was well taken with the party, so well in fact, that within minutes more people ware at the door Jakhim appeared, offering to help the party in their work, Ferrus accepted the help.

A Ritch Trader Is A Happy Trader

A few days in the bazar ended up profitable to both the party (mostly Jakhim) and the local trader Smirnow.



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