Beyond Mortal Men

Not Over Yet...


Oh what it must feel like to loose and old friend… The dead body of Sonia seemed to upset the nurse greatly, as to be expected when the dead body of an old friend, a sister in arms is placed in front of you. Perhaps, somebody had a worse day than the acolytes.

A Bug In The System

Seems, that the acolytes just can’t get a good night sleep, as one passed by without incident, the other they wake up being prepped to be ejected in to the deep dark void. Apparently a little bug running in the shafts decided to nibble through the wires. Only a charred husk remains of said bug and, a spare part in his room along with some old scraps of a letter. “…doing a kindness to your home… a handsome reward awaits… free life…”

The Loot Chest

Oh what fun – going through somebody else’s possessions, what secrets lie await? What can be learned? Well the acolytes found out that:

  • Sona was liked by (mostly) everyone;
  • That she had served in the Imperial Guard;
  • That she was more skilled with a wrench than most tech-priests with in 20 prs.
    Watchful eyes however ware watching.

A Leisurely Stroll

Let us not forget that our friendly neighborhood feral, decided to go on a nice walk around the ship, interrogating passengers and wearing a certain peace of head gear. What a jolly bringer of gifts – sowing the seeds of discontent and distrust amongst the passengers.

Note Worthy

  • The witness has been interrogated – she knew nothing;
  • There was a bend in the shower room ventilation grate;
  • Ferrus has still got the empty canister with blue-ish residue.



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