Beyond Mortal Men

The Suspects

The acolytes continued their investigation following the trail of the missing gun and the list of people who where recent additions to the crew:

  • Jake & Timothy – 2 new privates in the barracks, best friends, also access to guns and no suspicion cast on them. While Timothy was to cumbersome to fit in the vents, Jake seemed to be just the right size to fit in there.
  • David – captains assistant, the guy with the authorization and ability to walk almost everywhere with out much question, who just happened to have some illegal goods and a bullet hidden away in his room – prime suspect.
  • Dave – one look at this old man and it was clear, he had as much thoughts about murder as one of his cleaned pipes would have filth, that said – not much.
  • Howard – a paramedic, seems to like his cards or at least the wining it gets him. Hi did not take to kindly to Ferrus wining, yet the other acolytes did not take kindly to the whole room knowing they ware from the Inquisition.

Cabin Fewer

As the acolytes ware to get their prime suspect he disappeared. There was not much to do, when the crew had been locked in their rooms for days, not much choice, but to let them out.

A Fistful of Accidents

The calm after the crew were allowed to continue with their duties did not last long. Apparently the prime suspect had a heavy soul, too heavy in fact. A rope solved this problem, and a confession letter helped ease the pain. It’s good when a problem solves its self, nothing to do just relax now… Oh, wait! Another dead body – an accident, a slip in the shower. What an unfortunate day



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