Beyond Mortal Men

Another Day, Another Dead Guy.

So many guns.

It’s hard to say what was louder, the sound of a shooting gun, or the yell of the passenger when a furiously looking feral worlder was knocking down his door, either way he had not much time to react before his legs ware burnt to a crisp, his ribs broken and he was laying unconscious as the for mentioned feral worlder was carrying him to the medical bay.

(Not So) Sterile.

Apparently lately our friend Varn has taken a liking to bashing down doors, ware it something that kept his room closed at night or a room which was supposed to stay sterile, while an operation was being performed. Probably another body bag is under way as the suspect still lays with a high fever and not much response to the outside world.


The other 2 acolytes ware away on their own things, Metus having a leisurely stroll in the captains quarters while he was asleep and Ferrus trying to solve the mystery of the malfunctioning servitor – perplexing mystery indeed.



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