Beyond Mortal Men

A Song Of Blood & Explossions

In To The Maw Of The Metal Beast…

In memory of Varn. We knew little of Varn. He was a feral worlder, a psyker, he did not understand technology and had a strange liking to bending doors – true, yet how much does this actually tell us? Well the acolytes shall never find out what really defined what he was for he, clinging to the memory of his lost love (aka. Ms. Axe), jumped in to the mouth of a metal beast, for honor, for vengeance and simply because his understanding of how a recycling process works was lacking.

Out In A Bath Of Blood And Gore

In memory of Metus. A man with a cursed path, whose untimely death stripped him of the chance to redeem himself. Bang, bang, bang… Explosions went of in the acolytes rooms, 2 grenades in to each room, that was more than enough to kill most men, but not Metus. Wounded he crawled out of the wreckage of the room and put up a fight. Died fighting when a bullet reduced most of his cranium in to mist and giblets, a bloody ending, for a dark man.

The Iron Man Of Tech

In memory of Ferrus, who did not die.

Oh Sweet Chariot, Come To Carrie Me Home

After the whole incident the main suspect was nowhere to be found. As the ship breached the planets atmosphere an escape pod was launched… Heading for Sector 12.

The Captain Man Of Captaining

The captain went missing, no signs of strugle, no blood, no nothing, just simply gone.



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